Friday, August 15, 2008

Wireless M/b Form Factor

<myriachromat> i just had a cool idea
<myriachromat> make a new type of motherboard that carries the power through the motherboard so you don't have to have wires (at least not power wires)
<myriachromat> of course you could do the same with data
<myriachromat> i guess i was inspired by this new dell computer that has no wires to the monitor, the thing that holds it carries everything
<myriachromat> you can't really change the standard for power to the devices though or their mounting
<myriachromat> so you'd need the motherboard to have little power supplies and data sticking out
<myriachromat> from the sides
<myriachromat> hmm
<myriachromat> i was thinking you could have it transitional, where new devices are made with both inputs, so that they can be made so that just mounting it gives it power and data if the m/b supports that
<myriachromat> but then if you have any one device that still needs wires
<myriachromat> then you need a traditional power supply and all those wires it has defeats the purpose
<myriachromat> sort of
<myriachromat> unless you were to get a $600 modular one
<tommjames> mine costed about £60
<tommjames> which i guess is about 120 dollars
<myriachromat> ah ok

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