Saturday, January 10, 2009

The next level of HTTP tags

inhahe (6:12:28 PM): inhahe (5:46:22 PM): the idea is a simple mechanism to highlight a particular part of a webpage, which adds something to the url string
inhahe (5:46:41 PM): which you can then send to another person so they can see the webpage with the same thing highlighted, circled, whatever.
inhahe (5:47:01 PM): it would be an extension to the http syntax
inhahe (5:47:08 PM): /writes it
inhahe (5:47:32 PM): i see problems with the idea
inhahe (5:47:37 PM): hmm
inhahe (5:48:28 PM): nah i guess it works
phaldo (5:48:47 PM): why not just copy the text you want to highlight
inhahe (5:49:54 PM): that too but there are several reasonsyou might not want to. 1, if you copy the text, the formatting, font sizes colors, graphics etc. might not cross over depenidng on the medium your'e using to chat with
inhahe (5:50:01 PM): 2. a url is a lot shorter
inhahe (5:50:15 PM): 3. it's more useful to use as citations or references
inhahe (5:50:53 PM): i think the only problem with the idea is that if a document changes, the highlight information could become wrong or invalid
inhahe (5:50:58 PM): i just reaolized that
inhahe (5:51:07 PM): but we can just say too bad and let it become wrong or invalid in those cases

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