Thursday, March 26, 2009

for people who can barely afford some transportation (and can boldly 'live simply') and for saving resources.
  no auto door locks
no power windows
windows don't crank, just have something to slide them up and down with and lock
in place.
some windows are plastic or acrylic?
no a/c or heating
no radio
dials: odometer, spedometer, fuel
buy battery separately, you might have one laying around.
manual trans.
no power steering
rudimentary shock absorbers - just fancy enough that it won't kill you.
make cylinders fire on both sides, so each one is a double cylinder?
rotary engine?
but shoudl probably use a completely different engine with better efficiency anyway
like those new ones in PopSci.
no back doors
no inside light - bring a flashlight if you need it.
no glove compartment - bring a box if you need it.
instruments are lit just by shining an LED on them
crank to start car?
have model without back seats
seats are cheap.
just a hard surface with some type of gel/water/air-filled sack
(compartmentalized into cells) over it? (this should probably help with the
shock-absorber issue better than a normal, expensive seat would, too.)
can't slide forward/backward, but can adjust tilt of back. just lock and unlock
with notches? (no springs, turning things, or continuously variable positions)
no microchip, those things are a pita anyway.
no paint job, or just something to make the surface legal if it's metal. in
which case, the paint has to stay on but it doesn't have to be consistent or
smooth or be a nice color.
no trunk?
really simple door handles? just push something left or right to latch / unlatch
which also serves as a handle to pull it open? the lock and key mechanism
would just block that sliding thing. or is it cheap enough already to do
it the normal way
can we do away with windshield wipers in lieu of anti-water windshield coating?
contracts with junkyards to use used parts?
could make several different types of fittings for some things to accomodate
different models
maybe could even use used engines, transmissions, bodies
small form
have no back of the car, except for support for the rear wheels, lights and
license plate?

don't skimp on safety

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