Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Enough with the Gay Plastic Halloween Periphenelia

For halloween - get a stunt dummy, that approximates human flexibility, dress him all up, but use lifecasting with makeup for the hands and face. you should probably carve his head smaller before you add the face so that the result isn't unnaturally large. give him a normal-looking wig too. set up some sort of large hook, which goes all the way through him from the back and out his chest, which he hangs from. make him wear a white t-shirt, and inject a cup or so of fake blood at the puncture point to let it saturate the t-shirt in a realistic pattern. also inject some into his mouth until it oozes down his face. set up the whole contraption in your front yard, perhaps as an addition to your garden. as an added touch, you could put a (slow) pump inside him and a reservoir of fake blood that makes sure blood is constantly, but verry slowly, flowing from his mouth and down his face, hopefully dripping off at some point. also, just to give it a bit more context, hang a sheet of paper on him with the words "Trick-or-Treaters Be Warned".

oh, and you might want to let the police in on it ahead-of-time because if you've done it right somebody's going to end up calling them. :)

oh, i guess you'll need lifecasted arms too with seemless integration with the hands, unless you use a long-sleeved shirt. but if you use a long-sleeved *white* shirt i think it'll look a bit hackneyed.

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