Friday, December 04, 2009


theteofscuba: it would be veryu cool if html provided support for the same idea behind silverlight and allow people to use javascript to script it instead of using actionscript in flash or .net in silverlight
theteofscuba: and providing support for an xml format of 3d models so javascript could be the basis for a 3d engine
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inhahe: i agree
inhahe: that javascript should be integrated with something like silverlight
inhahe: so that you use teh same language for everything
inhahe: there is one problem wit hthat though
inhahe: silverlight/flash apps might be more cpu intensive in some case because they're more graphics involved
inhahe: and javascript, even the next-gen js engines, is very slow compared to .net
inhahe: not sure about flash, i would imagine actionscript is faster too
inhahe: this is a fundamental limitation given by the afct that javascript is a more dynamic language
inhahe: one interesting prospect would be to provide something syntactically similar to javascript but that is really just a subset of the language, so operations requiring teh particular dynamicism of javascript won't work within a restricted javascript block
inhahe: so that they can be compiled into faster code and used for things that need more speed
inhahe: ideally you would be able to define a restricted javascript block whether or not you're doing graphics-speciifc thinsg and you should be able to do graphics-specific things whether or not you're using restricted jaovascript
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RJavaScript would be to JavaScript what RPython is to Python.

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