Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Solve world strife through understanding

Description 1

Have a project where you interview all the world's leaders, especially heads of state, to get their philosophy on life.. morals, religion, politics.. Make them available on the website. Follow current events and keep people posted with the website's blog. Every event will be presented interpreted according to the involved parties' philosophies. It would be best to write this neutrally, regardless of how immature someone's point of view may be.

Events should also include hyperlinks to related events in the blog, and there could also be a visual diagram showing titles of all the events (which link to the blogs themselves) and the links between them. Countries involved could be signified in the diagram elements by their respective flags. Perhaps events could be laid out in (roughly?) chronological order on the vertical or horizontal axis. Or if that would detract too much from the network's optimal layout then just color according to date or recentness.

Description 2

hold interviews with various world leaders, that is, anyone with weight, which includes politicians, terrorists, and businessmen. try to eliminate as much superfice as possible. be as direct and honest as you can get /them/ to be. find out what they *really* think and believe. behind any belief system or justification is a simple psychological reason, just like what how people say different things when they're drunk. find out not only this, but this in relation to the decisions that they make that affect the country or the world at large, and how that country (or terrorist organization, or religion, or business, etc.) relates to other countries/entities, be it peace, war, trade, embargos, strife, amory, or otherwise. i imagine a static base of deeply delving interviews into the philosophies and political positions (and perhaps goals) of these people, combined with a constant news source that reports earth-shaking events as they relate to the interviews/philosophies of the active parties. events related to strife, war, exploitation, etc. are probably the most important to cover.

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