Thursday, June 18, 2009

for faster programming

to eliminate a lot of needless typing, the F-keys could be mapped to the most common key words and symbols for the given language. of course, symbols that don't require the shift key would be left out.

intellisense helps but it's not the same. it's easier just to type 'new', for example, than to try to let intellisense complete it for you. with this system typing 'new' would be one keypress.

this could also support binding to any arbitrary words/symbols you want.

the ide could even optionally track what you're using most and bind those things and have a display at the top of the screen constantly showing you the current bindings.

the only problem is that the F-keys are so far up on the keyboard that it may defeat the purpose -- having to shift your entire hand every time you use one. one solution could be to have a second key below the spacebar. it would be like another ctrl, shift, or alt, but more easily accessible. perhaps call it Func. whenever the Func key is pressed, the entire keyboard is mapped to symbols/keywords/whatevers.
the only problem with that is (besides the fact that it requires somebody to manufacture a new kind of keyboard), it's radical enough that probably only extreme programmers (not to be confused with eXtreme Programmers) would be interested in it.

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