Monday, June 15, 2009

Easier Integration for Programming Languages

inhahe (9:59:43 PM): you know what would be neat
inhahe (10:00:16 PM): a scripting language like python, supported in .net (ironpython already is this), but with the ability to arbitrarily create functions and classes in c# or msil
inhahe (10:00:24 PM): within the same source file

I mentioned it in the context of .net, but the idea doesn't have to be limited to .net. For example it could be just Python (or any other scripting language) intermixed with, say, C++, just without having to use external modules. However that kind of requires hacking two different languages together, but in the .net case both IronPython and C# compile to .net so it's not such a hack. The point of doing it is that Python (or some other scripting language) is higher-level than, say, C++ or even C#. (I believe that even though IronPython compiles to CLI, it's slower than C#,, etc. because of its higher level of dynamicism.) So by being able to include different levels of languages within the same source (hey, how about being able to in-line direct CLI, too?) it makes it easier for people to take advantage of both RAD languages and high-performance languages at the same time by writing the most CPU-intensive loops in a lower level language.

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